How can i speed up my has been very slow lately?

Answer If it was fast before then it can be the result of a virus, spyware, malware,or it can be coz of too many temporay files, try clearing them,It can be of heavy fragmentation of C drive. Try defragme... Read More »

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What is the difference between fast shutter speed and a slow shutter speed?

Slow shutter speed - keeps the shutter curtain open for longer periods of time, e.g. when you shoot at night or in fading low light.Fast shutter speeds are used to capture action or when scene you ... Read More »

If my cpu speed is to slow?

Then purchase a new CPU. The game may not let you install it. If it does then it will play, but will play slowly.

Why is my DSL speed so slow Help!?

What you see is what you get.Sometimes certain areas (locations around the city) have slower internet speeds than others.

My pc speed is becoming slow day by day.?

>You have a very old computer if you still have DDR RAM, only 256 Megs, what are you running, Windows 98? The most a computer like this could run would be Windows XP in minimalist mode. That is y... Read More »