How can i speed up my menstrual cycle?

Answer Most women have a menstrual cycle once every 28 days, typically lasting for about five days. However, some women wish to schedule their menstrual cycle or try to influence when it will occur. While... Read More »

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Is it possible to not have a menstrual cycle?

Yes, when you do not have a menstrual cycle it is called amenorrhea. The primary form of this condition occurs when menstruation does not begin before the age of 16. The secondary form is when mens... Read More »

How to Determine First Day of Menstrual Cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the common name given to the changes that occur in a woman's body on a monthly basis. The menstrual cycle is divided into separate phases: the follicular phase, ovulation and... Read More »

Can I get pregnant without a menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: Ovulation, Not Menstruation, Means Pregnancy RiskMenstruation is a sign that a woman is able to become pregnant. However, women become pregnant when they are ovulating, and Kids Health... Read More »

How can i shorten my menstrual cycle?

"Your menstrual cycle starts on the first day you experience vaginal bleeding," according to the American Congress Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists. Your menstrual cycle ends with the first day o... Read More »