How can i speed up my dial up connection?

Answer A dial-up connection is the slowest way to connect to the Internet, but it is still useable for tasks that do not involve a lot of uploading and downloading of files. Optimizing your dial-up connec... Read More »

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What is the speed of dial up connection?

Typical dial-up Internet connections can go up to 56 KB per second, according to Federal regulations and laws only allow it to go 53 kb/s in the U.S. Those speeds can only be achiev... Read More »

How to Speed Up Video on a Dial Up Connection?

Dial-up connections are still used in areas where there is no affordable broadband options. A dial-up connection typically uses your telephone line and connects to the Internet via your modem. Watc... Read More »

How to Optimize a Dial-Up Connection Speed?

Because broadband connections have all but replaced the original dial-up modems, people with a dial-up connection will find it even more important to get the most from their modems. Knowing how to ... Read More »

How to increase the dial-up connection speed?

download internet lock and block windows media player and other softwares on your computer as they keep using the internet on their own.…