How can i sleep with my eyes open?

Answer prop open with toothpicksor superglue

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Why is it not possible for us to sleep with the eyes open ?

Though some may consider sleeping with eyes open to be impossible – well, it is not. The cases are unusual and rare, but not impossible. People sleeping with their eyes open usually have the cond... Read More »

Can you sleep with your eyes open?

I didn't watch the movie but in real life, there are people who sleep with their eyes partially open. they have a problem with their eyelids which makes them unable to completely shut their eyes wh... Read More »

I sleep with my eyes open?

My friend sleeps with her eyes open but her eyes don't get dry and she doesn't see white patches. It is normal if you sleep with your eyes half open but it isn't normal if you see white patches I t... Read More »

Why can't we sleep with our eyes open?