How can i sleep on my newly pierced ears?

Answer Try laying on your side with no pillow and putting your upper arm against the side of your head. That way your ears dont touch the bed( or anything), you sleep sideways at least and you can place y... Read More »

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How to Look After Newly Pierced Ears?

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How to Care for Newly Pierced Ears?

An earring is a nice accessory for women and men. If you've just gotten your ear pierced, you'll need to know how to care for ears and the jewelry you use. Here are some tips to help you.

How to Take Care of Infection in Newly Pierced Ears?

Have you recently gotten your ears pierced and have an infection? ("New piercing" is defined as the time period when you can't wear dangly or hoop earrings or have recently started changing.)

How to Bathe Safely With Newly Pierced Ears/Cartilage?

So, you just got your ears or cartilage pierced. With a new piercing, bathing can be rather a challenge. To learn how to safely bathe with newly pierced ears or cartilage, read on.