How can i sell gold?

Answer You've seen the commercials where a pitchman tells you that you can sell unwanted gold by dropping broken necklaces into an envelope and sending them to him. Unfortunately, when selling scrap gold,... Read More »

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How to Sell My Old Gold?

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry or scrap gold is a fast way to make some cash. Most pawn shops and jewelry stores will readily buy gold pieces and jewelry, and will usually provide with a quote... Read More »

How to Sell Gold by Mail?

If you have gold jewelry that you do not wear and have no sentimental attachment to, you could sell them to a gold dealer. These merchants are usually eager to purchase from the general public when... Read More »

How to Sell Gold at the Mall?

With gold prices reaching over $1,000 per ounce as of April 2010, demand for gold is soaring. Gold pawn shops are popping up in mall corridors across the United States, offering a convenient way to... Read More »

How to Sell Gold in Utah?

For many years, gold has been part of commerce in the state of Utah, ever since the first settlers began to mine and pan for the valuable in the early days of the American west. Even today, many re... Read More »