How can i select records in excel using macro procedure?

Answer There are several ways to select cells using VBA code, either individually, by rows, and/or by columns. It would take several pages of documentation to cover the basics of the very general questio... Read More »

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Can you give me the step by step procedure on how to sort records in Microsoft Excel?

There are multiple ways to sort the data that makes up the rows and columns within a worksheet. Most times you will probably be sorting rows by one to three columns (and even more), but you can al... Read More »

How to Remove a Macro in Excel?

Removing a user-generated macro from a Microsoft Excel workbook can be accomplished in a few steps, provided the name assigned to the macro and location of the file are known. If the macro you wish... Read More »

How to Use Macro in Excel 2007?

Excel macros are units of executable code that you can use to easily eliminate tasks in Excel 2007. The Excel macro function works like a tape recorder---recording your actions for you to replay as... Read More »

Anyone have a 2007 excel macro for benford's law?

I am going to assume that this link explains Benford's Law:…And since there can be different types of tests that can be performed using Benford's Law, whi... Read More »