How can i see the hidden files in the USB pendrive?

Answer Insert your pen drive. Open it. Select search from your menu bar. select all files and folders. In the first text box enter a *(astrick) and click search. This option shows all the files in your Pe... Read More »

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How can i open my files, saved in the pendrive?

reinstall the kashu security that will put the missing file (usbenter.exe) back on. But of couse backup the contents of the pendrive first.

When I went to buy a pendrive,the shop keeper said his pendrive are all Flash drive,?

Pen Drive/Flash Drive/Thumb Drive are all USB flash memory drives. Those names are just branding by companies.Jet Flash is another brand by the company Transcend. They come with a lifetime warranty... Read More »

How to See Hidden Files Using DOS?

If you want to see the hidden files. This is a very simple method for you to see the hidden files using DOS

Command for see the hidden files in unix?

The "-a" option in the `ls` command will list the hidden files.Otherwise use the `find` command.OK