How can i save the page in internet as it is?

Answer what? file > save page as

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How do you save videos from the internet to the computer not an internet page?

If it is a YouTube video, there are many sites that specialize in that (like Otherwise look in your Temporary Internet Files directory and sort contents by largest file size to easil... Read More »

When you edit a Wikipedia page and click "Save Page", can everyone see the change?

If it shows for you, it should show for anyone else in a few seconds, if that (database lag). For example, if you go to the Conan O'Brien article and change it to say "Conan O'Brien is the Presiden... Read More »

How to Save a Web Page to a PSP?

We all know that our PSP has an Internet Browser capable of viewing most sites on the Internet as long as we are able to connect to a wireless connection. However, most people aren't able to stay c... Read More »

How do I save a web page as an image?

Internet ExplorerDownload an image utility for the Internet Explorer such as IE7 Pro or PQ Browser. The utility will add an icon to Internet Explorer's status bar. Visit a web page you want to save... Read More »