How can i save my printer ink from drying out ?

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Will be purchasing a color laser printer, but will be using infrequently, any tips to save ink from drying out?

Laser printers don't use and ink base medium. They use a very fine dry powder toner. You will not have to worry about it drying up.

How to stop printer cartridges drying out?

If you go a whole month without using your printer, you don't really need a printer. Printers are intended for regular use.

How can you prevent your printer cartridge from drying up?

package it in a vaccum bag, just like it came in.

Store an inkjet printer: How can I stop the ink drying up if I put it away for a while?

You do not need to store it. It won;t dry up either. As one poster pointed out, th eink may dry on the ink head if you remove it and damage the ink head.Just put a tight plastic over the printer so... Read More »