How can i save all my music files if in case my comp crashes i don't lose them?

Answer The simplest thing to do is convert them all to MP-3 and burn them to DVDs,You could get up to 900 songs on 1 disk.So what if you need more disks, they are as cheap as 10 cents each.This way you ha... Read More »

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Unable to save files, when I do it crashes?

i tHInks its problem of the windowsi think you must have to install new OS in your laptop/pcbest of luck :P

How do I save music files onto a computer?

Burn Music Files from CDInsert an audio CD of your choice into your computer's CD tray. If your computer prompts you to take action, select the "Rip music from CD" command or manually open your Win... Read More »

How to Save Music Files to a Flash Drive?

A flash drive is a small, portable memory device that plugs into a computer's USB drive. It can hold several gigabytes worth of data, including music files but also text files, software programs, i... Read More »

How long does a workers comp case usually take?

The length of a workers' compensation case varies depending on the type of injury, the necessary medical treatment, and whether the employer is disputing the case. Resolving the case and receiving... Read More »