How can i restore old videos to a higher quality?

Answer You can't, unless you want to spend huge amounts of money.

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Can someone make these two videos have better higher quality?

[without seeing the video] Retake the video with a better camera, or submit the video to CSI Miami. They have the technology to read a licence plate reflected by a newt's eye on a photo taken by a ... Read More »

How can I download videos from you tube How to convert those videos Video Should be in best quality.?

You can use to download video from YouTube, it's free and safe. It can also convert your downloaded youtube video.

Poor quality to high quality videos?

Well, it depends. Video can be "cleaned up" somewhat (e.g. noise reduction, colour correction) and transferred between formats (e.g. VHS to DVD) but you can't -- as they say -- "make a silk purse o... Read More »

What method of recording videos produces the best quality videos to...?

Method?Never capture handheld. Always use some sort of steadying device. Tripod, rock, chair... anything, but not handheld.If you need to zoom, zoom slowly.If you need to pan, pan slowly.It is pref... Read More »