How can i report this YouTube user for uploading other people's videos?

Answer Catch him in the act of spamming. Or report his image as plagiarizing other's images. Tell youtube. Report everything that has anything to do with plagiarizing, it's not being a troll, it's doing t... Read More »

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Is it legal to use clips from other peoples videos on Youtube?

Generally no. You would need the permission of the authors of those videos. Simply stating that the content you're using doesn't belong to you does not magically mean that you're not violating copy... Read More »

Should I report this Youtube user?

How do you get paid for uploading videos on youtube?

You need to get partner status. In order to get that... you need to meet some guidelines listed below.But MOST importantly...You need to be really, really, really good and not violate any YouTube p... Read More »

Uploading videos from iPad to YouTube?

Goto youtube app, goto "MY Videos" tab and click sign out on the top left corner of the screen.