How can i remove virus: adware/32 Adkubru from my pc?

Answer Yes, You can try downloading Norton 360 v6.0, installing it on your computer then running a full system scan. I'm sure it will remove adware/32 Adkubru from your pc, as I'm using it and I find it v... Read More »

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How do you safely remove Adware:win32/Adkubru?

Adware is not as harmful as virus, worms and spyware, but nobody like their personal data exposed to any third party. I suggest you remove it as soon as possible. Actually adware can be easily bloc... Read More »

How to remove Sality virus, I already formatted my pc and still the virus is here, I got the virus from usb?

Try the following:1. turn off system restore2. save free flash disinfector by sUBs to your desktop:…3. run free flash disinfector (it will tell you when to... Read More »

My phone's memory card has a virus . Is there any way i could remove the virus without losing my files?

What makes u think that your memory card would be infected with a virus? What is it doing?? As far as i know there is no way to remove a virus off of a memory card, unless uu format it. you can do ... Read More »

Anyone know a free really good anti-virus scan that will also help remove the virus?

you should try malwarebytes and look for a serial on youtube this is a really good anti virus