How can i remove an atv tire from the rim?

Answer All-Terrain Vehicles wear many hats in our modern society. Some are hard-working off-road transportation, others are weekend play machines. But in the end, most are ridden until the tires are rea... Read More »

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How to Remove a Rim From a Car Tire?

One of the most common repairs needed on a car is replacing a flat tire. Mechanics charge $10 to $20 to remove the tire from the rim alone. They use a bead breaker machine to remove the tire from t... Read More »

How to Remove an Old Tire From an Allum Rim?

Tires, like many other parts of a car, wear with use and eventually need to be replaced. The first step in this process is removing the tire from the rim. A tire is held on a rim with nothing mor... Read More »

How to Remove a Tire From a Mazda?

Removing a tire from a Mazda is not unlike any other vehicle, in that having the proper tools and the correct ground surface are important for safety and being successful. The order in which you pe... Read More »

How to Remove an Auto Tire From the Rim?

Removing a tire from its wheel rim involves a bit of force, since the inner tire bead sits tightly against the rim. This process involves levering the tire off the rim to remove it entirely. You wi... Read More »