How can i relief stress during working hours?

Answer Take a break, take a walk, listen to some music (if you can)... and best of all, just tune the irritating SOBs out... that's what I do :)

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My boss saw me using MySpace at work during working hours. How can I repair the damage made to my reputation?

tell him you were just cleaning it up to move to facebookyour rep should be totally ok then

How to Find Stress Relief?

Effective stress relief comes from managing stress on a daily basis. Stress accumulates like snow. If you don't shovel after every storm, the snow will quickly become unmanageable. Here is one easy... Read More »

Stress relief ideas.......?

You need to get yourself off to the busiest store, load yourself up with packages, make sure it's a filthy day - like cold, wet and slushy so all the cars can splash puddles on you when they pass,... Read More »

Need relief from stress?

hey, I get stressed all the time because of school, i need to do well in exams so ways I keep calm is an hour of yoga a day in my room and talking to people in the same situation as me. Exercises a... Read More »