How can i refill my lexmark no 17 black printer cartridge?

Answer PC World do the excellent JetTec refill kits. Three tips ... 1. Don't wait until the cartridge actually runs out before refilling it. Lexmark cartridges have an integral printhead - thats why they ... Read More »

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What number black cartridge do I use for a Lexmark P4350 printer (Lexmark cartridge only)?

How Do I Refill a Lexmark 70 Black Ink Cartridge?

Prepare the CartridgeUse the thumb drill in the refill kit to make the refill hole a little larger to accommodate the syringe needle. The hole is on the top of the ink cartridge.Fill the Syringe an... Read More »

How do I refill the printer ink cartridge on a Lexmark X3430?

Removing the Ink CartridgesTurn the printer on, and lift the top. The ink cartridge chambers should slide into view. Pull upward on the lever beside each cartridge, and the cartridge will pop out. ... Read More »

Can you refill an ink cartridge for a Lexmark x4580 wireless printer?

While it is possible to refill an ink cartridge for the Lexmark x4580 printer, doing so may cause the cartridge to leak and damage the printhead, according to Lexmark. Damages to the printer cause... Read More »