How can i reboot a windows 7?

Answer Sadly, this is not possible unless you have a Windows 7 installation disk. If you do, you can wipe your hard drive and then re install Windows 7.

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How to Do a Remote Reboot of Windows XP?

An administrator may require the reboot a computer of a local user for many reasons. They could include updates or upgrades to the software, reconfigurations and troubleshooting. The shutdown.exe u... Read More »

How to Reboot Using Windows XP Without Disk?

Booting is computer jargon for starting a computer. Rebooting a computer is nothing more than restarting a computer that is currently on and working. There are essentially two ways to go about doin... Read More »

Windows 7 Reboot loop?

laptop and desktop hard drives are different and require different voltages and amperages to run than desktop drives do. It sounds to me like you also have a SATA speed mismatch as well. You will... Read More »

How Do I Reboot a Windows Laptop?

Click "Start" and select "Turn Off Computer." Select "Restart" if running Windows XP. Click the small arrow beside the "Lock" button, and choose "Restart" if using Windows Vista. Click the arrow ne... Read More »