How can i put old 8mm video tapes onto my computer?

Answer well I used my old and even new one video tapes to burn or to live it in my hard drive is" DAZZLE DIGITAL VIDEO CREATOR 90" and to transfer to my computer I USED PINNACLE STUDIO 10.5 this USB conn... Read More »

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Transferring DV tapes onto computer without using the camera?

There are couple of ways that you can go about this (both are mentioned, but with some extra advice). Your concern about wearing out the heads on your camcorder are good concerns. The fact is that ... Read More »

I have a camcorder that records with my tapes. is it possible to put my videos onto my computer or a dvd?

its called fire wire its kinda a side ways triangle and not alot of computers have it but once you have that you can put videos on yoour computer from your camera

Okay... have a Canon HV20 and Adobe premiere... cant get my HD tapes in 24p mode onto the computer... ANY HELP?

The CS3 version of Premiere Pro works great with the HV20 but anything earlier does not. Your best bet may be to try importing video using HDVSplit, which is a freeware app and then taking the vide... Read More »

Can you reuse video camera tapes once full (Like polaroid mini DV tapes)?

I've been re-using my mini DV tapes for years. It's been said that you can re-use them until they break. I mark them each time I re-use one and trash it after the tenth time. Here's hoping you have... Read More »