How can i put mp4 videos together and export as mp4?

Answer A quick Google search will turn up several links with such information. Here is but one of those: .

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How do i put 2 videos together?

get a video capture divice for your computer (do a search on youtube for unregistered hypercam 2 and its a free software) and capture the video. then put the video in what ever editing software yo... Read More »

How do i run multiple videos together in one video?

Any video editor capable of dealing with multiple simultaneous video tracks and audio tracks. Fianl Cut and Sony Vegas can... MovieMaker andd iMovie cannot.We don't know which computer you are usin... Read More »

URGENT URGENT! How do you export videos from your computer to an iPhone 3GS?

You will actually have to convert the video to the iphone format (m4v) then once converted, drag it to your itunes library. Use Handbrake for fast, free conversions.

How to Apply for an Export License to Export or Import Food Goods to the USA?

Agricultural exports from the United States require an export certificate from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Obtaining an export certificate requires Food Safety and Inspection Service Form 9... Read More »