How can i protect my ankle from spraining againg ?

Answer Wear an ankle brace!! Not a slip on one that Is no different from a sock! Get one that laces up AND velcros around that... Also do some exercises to strengthen it. I hope this helps :)

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When is it safe to go jogging after spraining your ankle?

When you feel like you can walk without pain or a limp you should be able to start jogging again. In the meantime, follow standard first aid tips to help heal that ankle:1.) Keep it elevated on a p... Read More »

How long does it take to be 100% fit again after badly spraining your ankle?

all the answers above are wrong, i can tell you that for certain, here is a medical view of it:okay, there are three `grades` of sprains; 1, 2 and you guessed it 3grade one can be anything from 3 ... Read More »

Is spraining your ankle/wrist a big deal?

Not really - I've broken my arm three times and sprained it once, and the sprain was not a big deal at all. I didn't need a cast (I only needed a brace) and I only had to keep my brace on for a wee... Read More »

How to Use Cardboard to Protect Ankle Blisters?

Finding the right pair of new shoes may be an accomplishment, but breaking in new shoes can be painful. Since people do not come with standard-sized feet, every pair of shoes will fit each person a... Read More »