How can i prepare for the bone marrow donation procedure?

Answer Getting tested to see if you're a match usually starts with a simple, painless mouth swab. If you're a match, you'll have further testing, including blood work, but you won't have a bone marrow as... Read More »

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I'm considering bone marrow donation- are there any dangers or implications to my health by doing this?

Have you ever donated plasma, or a double red cell donation at the Red Cross? Its the same procedure as both of those, but they are collecting a different type of cell. For peripheral blood stem ... Read More »

How much does a bone marrow donation hurt(conflicting answers)?

There are different kinds of donation- traditional bone marrow and peripheral stem cell. Neither one is going to hurt all that much.When someone is donating bone marrow, general anesthesia is typi... Read More »

What does bone marrow do?

facilitates red blood cell production and has red and yellow bone marrow, which strengthen your bones integrity, yellow bone marrow being on the ends of the bone while red marrow in the shaft

Who can donate bone marrow?

The Be the Match Marrow Registry has access to more than 12 million potential bone marrow donors worldwide. Not everyone finds a match, but barring illness, chances are good you'll be able to regis... Read More »