How can i post or make an YouTube Video?

Answer to make a movie is simple. if you have a computer or laptop there is a program called window movie maker. from there you can get help from the help button. also you have to download the song and im... Read More »

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Youtube. If I make a video, post it on youtube to make profit (partnership, etc). Can I have a remix of a song?

It might help if you understand that the composition has copyright and each and every recording of a performance of that composition has its OWN copyright, owned by the producer or performers. A re... Read More »

How do I post a video response on the new YouTube?

Sign inClick the comment box under the videoa link should appear that says Attach a VideoClick that

How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook?

Popular video sharing site YouTube allows you to share videos with your Facebook friends through an integrated sharing feature. You can also manually post YouTube videos on your Facebook wall and s... Read More »

How to Post a Video Response on YouTube?

Do you ever wonder how people get their videos on somebody else's YouTube page and call it a video response? Well read on if that's you!