How can i permanently delete all records of a program in my computer?

Answer Reformat > Secure Wipe multiple times.Alternatively, new hard-drive.

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How do i delete stuff off my computer permanently?

delete itempty recycle binthen get a free space wiperif you get a wiper with DoD cleaning - it will be ALMOST unrecoverableIf someone is willing to run it through a CIA level recovery - you are SOL... Read More »

How do I permanently delete porn files from my computer?

It is possible, though fairly unlikely to be able to recover files from a hard drive even if you have used one of the many drive eraser type programmes on the market.The most effective way to ensur... Read More »

How do i delete all web browsing history on a computer permanently for free?

Click "Tools" on the menu bar. Select "Options," then "Internet Options," then "General." Click "Delete Files," then click "OK." Click "Delete Cookies," then click "OK." Click "Clear History," then... Read More »

Is there a program that video records what u say and are doing on the computer info in description?

CamStudio (free): (free): Studio: