How can i pay with checks online?

Answer Payment by check is an option you can use when making online purchases. To do so, you will enter information into a form, and the funds will immediately transfer to the merchant's account. This pay... Read More »

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Are online checks secure?

On One Hand: They're Dangerous.According to, using a check online can open the door to potential bank fraud. If the website isn't secure and a hacker gets your check number and ac... Read More »

Can you buy stuff online with checks?

Yes, you can pay by check on some websites. Usually you must provide your bank account information, include your account number and bank routing number. Other times, you are allowed to mail in a ch... Read More »

Can you check checks online?

Physically walking into a bank, waiting in line and speaking to a teller seems so passé when you consider that you can do your clothing shopping, order your groceries and print shipping labels onl... Read More »

How to Order Checks Online?

For some, checks are indispensable in making payments. Whether it’s settling your utility bills, paying for computer repair, or placing a deposit for the purchase of a vehicle, check payment is m... Read More »