How can i output my vhs player to my dv cam?

Answer Will only work if your VHS player has a DV or firewire port and your DV cam uses miniDV tape.If you want to use the analog/composite video transfer, the camcorder needs AV-in. Most camcorders do no... Read More »

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If your LG TV only has an optical audio output and the DVD player only has an optical output can you hook it up like that and will it work?

No audio output from your blu ray player?

Yes they do. Blu-Ray players have a special technology that allows it to make the DVD image HD-compatible. But it does not display the full high def resolution. Only Blu-Ray discs display the full ... Read More »

Is a blue ray player output or input?

Most 3D televisions are comfortable to view. While early models sometimes had heavy glasses and some flickering, most on sale today have very lightweight glasses and are looking very realistic. The... Read More »

Proper audio output from Blu-Ray player?

The answer depends partly on your connection, and partly on the capabilities of the receiver. The proper way to connect is: Blu-ray > via HDMI > to AV receiver > via HDMI > to TVIf the receiver is ... Read More »