How can i microwave potatoes?

Answer We always have. Wrap them in plastic wrap after puncturing them with a fork, so they do not explode and make you take 20 minutes to clean up the mess. Microwave them for 2 minutes, wait a bit, tes... Read More »

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If you put something in the microwave that needs cooking for 7 minutes, but add some potatoes, do you....?

Microwaves work differently than conventional ovens. The amount of time in a microwave is highly dependent upon the amount of food in there. So you would have to add more ime.

Baked potatoes - Oven or Microwave?

How to Make Kid's Mashed Potatoes (Microwave)?

Kid's mashed potato is easy and delicious. This recipe is quick and easy and is suitable for cooking by kids who know how to take care handling hot items.

Can I microwave baked potatoes after oven?

yes but make sure you take them out of the foil and cut a little slit in them,