How can i manualy delete my computers history?

Answer for the Internet. click on the star for favorites then click on history then right click on the site you want to delete then click delete then you will see a pop up on it click yes. ... Read More »

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When you delete the web browser's history on the HTC Droid Incredible can you delete one item at a time or can you only delete all of them at once?

If i delete my cookies does it really delete all my history?

Cookies are sort of a tracking mechanism on web sites. Each web site uses cookies in a very specific way. Some of them store your profile data, so when you come back they "remember" you. Nothing... Read More »

Computers how to delete?

Select the file you want to get rid of and then hit the delete key.

Where do the stuff that you delete in your computers go?

A common misconception is that the data is actually removed from the hard drive (erased) when you delete a file. Any time that a file is deleted on a hard drive, it is not erased. Instead, the tiny... Read More »