How can i make myself tired or fall asleep?

Answer tyenol

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How to Make Yourself Tired So That You'll Fall Asleep?

Sometimes it feels impossible to fall asleep. To make yourself feel tired, here are some tips on what to eat, how to relax your body, and how to calm your mind.

How to fall asleep when your not tired?

To sleep better just relax and switch off, if you can.If you are having trouble switching off at bedtime some light exercise (for example, push ups or sit ups) at bedtime often helps you to relax, ... Read More »

I know i'm tired but can't fall asleep?

You need a T.V in your room!!! I cant sleep at night unless I watch about 1/2 maybe more of tv just before I fall asleep. 1.) It will make your eyes very tired 2.) When you try and get to sleep, yo... Read More »

Is it possible to be so tired you can't fall asleep?

Yes!Most people who cannot sleep at night are deeply exhausted and often physically, mentally and emotionally depleted as well. Odd as it may seem, the body needs energy to settle itself down to sl... Read More »