How can i make myself tired or fall asleep?

Answer tyenol

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How to make myself fall asleep?

Same problem buddy. No what works for me, it sucks but it works. Not watching tv right before bed. Or playing video games. I read it some were and it works. Try drinking a huge glass of water or ra... Read More »

How to Make Yourself Tired So That You'll Fall Asleep?

Sometimes it feels impossible to fall asleep. To make yourself feel tired, here are some tips on what to eat, how to relax your body, and how to calm your mind.

Can you be too tired to fall asleep?

I've had that happen when my schedule rotated. Your body gets accustomed to being awake at certain times and it wants to stick to its schedule. I take some Tylenol PM, drink some herb tea or some... Read More »

How do i fall asleep when im not tired?

Sleeping pills. You see contrary to popular belief the recommended dosage on the back of the container is all wrong. Usually you'd need to consume much, much more of what they say you do about 30 p... Read More »