How can i make my underarm more whiten in 2 weekspls help?

Answer Ok - this is a long answer but I had to search around cause I had no idea - something has to work out of all of these so don't despair :o) I have never heard of deoderants causing darkness under th... Read More »

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What is the best/fastest way to whiten black underarm naturally?

Scrub your underarms daily with a pumice stone. Do you use any method of hair removal on your underarms? If not, you should START waxing. Often, shaving causes underarms to appear dark...--hope it ... Read More »

Underarm hair! help!?

The grey is normal - its the hair folicles under the skin. Everyone with dark hair and fair skin looks like that. The only way to improve it is to get a fake tan applied very very lightly to your a... Read More »

My 8 year old daughter has underarm hair, help!?

8 is pretty young but maybe it is just in the genetics. I started getting hair in my pubic area at 9 and then I got my period at 10. I cannot remember if I had hairy armpits or not.. but I'm sure i... Read More »

Whiten my teeth, fast! help please?

I bought something called ecodent at the health food store the other day. It is all natural and cost 7 dollars. It worked overnight. The next morning my teeth were way whiter and they are not sensi... Read More »