How can i make my underarm more whiten in 2 weekspls help?

Answer Ok - this is a long answer but I had to search around cause I had no idea - something has to work out of all of these so don't despair :o) I have never heard of deoderants causing darkness under th... Read More »

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What is the best/fastest way to whiten black underarm naturally?

Scrub your underarms daily with a pumice stone. Do you use any method of hair removal on your underarms? If not, you should START waxing. Often, shaving causes underarms to appear dark...--hope it ... Read More »

How to Make Underarm Guards?

Sweat guards in useUnderarm shields, also known as dress guards or garment guards, are used to prevent underarm sweat from soaking into clothing and also help to control body odor. They are disposa... Read More »

How to Make Underarm Shields?

Underarm shields to protect clothing from perspiration stains were sold in every dime store and department store before the1960s when antiperspirants became must-haves. Shields still can be purchas... Read More »

How to Make Rash Free Underarm Deodorant?

Because of hygienic concerns, people use underarm deodorants and antiperspirants. These products can have antibacterial properties and can help to mask odor. However, many commercial underarm deodo... Read More »