How can i make my samsung lcd tv bluetooth compatable?

Answer 1st, you need a PhD in Electronic Engeneering from MIT. Next, a fully equipped lab. Once you have these two things, come back and ask for the next steps.

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How do I make my printer bluetooth compatable?

brand new printers are bluetooth and also usb, but you cannot make an older printer not what it is not, UNLESS a firmware upgrade is offered and or an attachment item like an adapter can be install... Read More »

If I get a Samsung smart 3D bluray player would it be compatable with a LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

Yes. Brand compatibility is not an issue with mainstream consumer electronics such as these. Staying within a brand may provide convenience features, such as remote control cross compatibility out ... Read More »

How to Set up a Samsung Bluetooth?

A Samsung Bluetooth headset can be set up with any cell phone that has Bluetooth capabilities. The setup process, called "pairing," makes it so that whenever you enable Bluetooth on the phone and h... Read More »

How to Use Bluetooth With a Samsung U600?

The Samsung U600 is a powerful, capable phone with a full suite of contemporary abilities and technologies, including full Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the phone to connect to a gamut of ga... Read More »