How can i make my pc start faster?

Answer If your running Windows Xp, I would Suggest the followingGo to startRunType>MSCONFIGUnder General Tab, uncheck LOAD STARTUP ITEMSPress ApplyRestartThis stops programs from loading when you start wi... Read More »

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How do i make quicktime start faster?

Virtual Memory at 40% or higher is not that great.Try right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button for Performance. Under the "Vis... Read More »

How to Change the Way You Start up to Make It Faster?

,Are you tired of all those icons on the bottom right of the screen?Well now you can prevent them from loading.

How to Make a Windows Computer Start up Faster?

Is your home computer running slow? There are many possible reasons why your home computer is running slow. Here are some tips you can use to help get your PC back up to speed.

How to Make the Start Menu Open Faster?

The Start Menu takes a few mili-secs to open. You can see this mainly in Windows 7 and Vista. This also happens on fast, new computers. This is how to fix it.