How can straighteners and hair brushes make your hair more shiny?

Answer well what i tried yesterday, was to shower at night, blow dry my hair, then straighten it that night. and this morning all i had to do was touchups. and my hair was super soft and shiny too. idk wh... Read More »

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How to Remove Minerals From Hair & Make Hair Shiny?

Minerals such as calcium can build up in your hair, especially if your home has hard water. Mineral buildup is often the cause of dull and lifeless hair, and is rarely addressed by commercial hair ... Read More »

Whats a good straightening hair product that will make straight hair shiny an smoother?

If your hair is naturally relatively straight and you want to make it straighter, a serum would be great. Smoothing, and super shiny. They are available in sprays, as well as regular pump dispenser... Read More »

How to Make Dry Hair Shiny?

There a number of things that contribute to dry hair, but the main one is genetics. If the sebaceous glands on the skin do not produce enough sebum or oil, the scalp will be dry. A dry scalp means ... Read More »

How to Make Gray Hair Shiny?

With aging, changes take place in the body, skin and hair. One such change experienced by both men and women is that hair starts to turn gray. This is a normal part of aging. The age at which the h... Read More »