How can i make my computer screen zoom in?

Answer CTRL plus the + key or CTRL and scroll your mouse wheel

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How to Make a Computer Screen Fit a TV Screen in Windows 7?

If you have your Microsoft Windows 7 computer hooked up to your TV, one of the first things that you may notice is that the image being displayed on your TV does not look as it should. This is beca... Read More »

My mac screen just zoomed in how and i have no idea how. how do you zoom out?

Or...Press Opt+f2This opens your screen settings window, set them and then LOCK them.:-)add: OK no lock.. time for a suggestion to Mac.

How do i make everything on my computer screen smaller, ?

How do i make the computer screen centered?

there are lots of buttons on the monitor, the one with the magnet is the most fun, but the other might actually help solve your problem.