How can i make my computer download faster?

Answer Downloading files can be an agonizing process if your computer is running slowly. Slow downloads can be caused by aging equipment, a slow connection or a cluttered hard drive. No matter what combin... Read More »

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What are the websites where you can download programs for free that make your computer run faster?

beware.... before downloading anything from internet .. be sure that it;s not a spyware or malware or virus. Make sure your antivirus and firewall working and upto can try

How to Set Up Computer to Download Faster?

Internet connections come with a specified bandwidth at which your computer downloads and uploads data. If you feel that the download speed of your Internet connection is slow, there are a few thin... Read More »

How Can I Download iTunes Faster on My Computer?

Apple iTunes is an extremely popular media player from the same company that brings you Mac computers and the iPod. ITunes is actually the default connection software used with all iPods, iPhones a... Read More »

Will using faster ddr2 make my computer faster?

Yes, using faster DDR2 RAM will make your computer faster. But, according to the results of a RAM speed test done at the Tom's Hardware website, using mainstream DDR2 RAM, such as DDR2-800 or 1066 ... Read More »