How can i make more tips while working as a waitier in a small resturant.?

Answer At the restaurant I used to work at, servers would often sit on the edge of the booth with people while they took their order. The guests loved it, on the comment cards they would always write how... Read More »

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How to Move to a Small Farm While Working in The City?

If you work in the city but want to live far away from the cramped but expensive rental units, large crowds of people, rush hour traffic and non-stop noise of the city life, you may want to conside... Read More »

How to Walk and Stand More While Working in the Office?

If you're a desk jockey, like so many office workers, you may be at risk for obesity, which may set you up for an entire slew of diseases like heart disease, stroke or cancer. Health experts conten... Read More »

How do you schedule a job interview at a company 45 min. away while working full time. (no more doc. excuses)?

you could lie and say you have a meeting with a guys that sells blah blah and whatever.or you could schedule yourself a meeting with someone, go there, take 15 minutes, then go to the interview and... Read More »

How much is the pay at a resturant like chilis working as a waiter?

I believe it is typically the minimum wage for serving, $2.13/hour. Tip wise, depends on how popular the restaurant is, the type of customers they attract and which nights you are available to wor... Read More »