How can i make hearts and music notes on my facebook post?

Answer Turn NUM LOCK on.Hold in ALT and push 3 on your num lock key pad. Release the alt button. A heart should appear. ♥For musical notes, hold in ALT and type 13 on your left hand key pad (push 1, rel... Read More »

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How do you make the different symbols like music notes and hearts on facebook status ?

search "special characters" for myspace♥ = the & symbol, "hearts", the ; punctuation (no spaces) ie: & hearts ; (withnospaces)Special Characters Codes:Symbol Description Special Cod... Read More »

How can I make hearts and music notes in my text on Myspace?

use alt codes. press alt and then the number.alt + 3 = ♥alt + 13= ♪alt + 14 = ♫

How do you make those cute hearts and music notes on your computer keyboard?

♥♥♥♥♥♥Press down on the alt key and hold. Press down on the 3 key. Release the 3 key. Release the alt key. Alt 1-31 gives assorted signs. ☺☻♥ etc.

How do you get those cute little music notes and hearts near your name on Yahoo Answers?

Those are called "ASCII alt codes". You can Google that for various charts.You hold down "Alt" while inputting various numbers on the numeric keypad.For example "Alt + 0169" = © or "Alt + 3" = â... Read More »