How can i make cuts heal QUICK!?

Answer I don't want to tell you you are wrong, I'm just feeling sorry. Please talk to someone, anyone. Don't pull off the scabs, desinfect it to prevent infection. Something good for cuts is this hansapla... Read More »

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How to Make Cuts Heal Faster?

Follow these simple steps to make sure cuts heal faster.

What can I get from the pharmacy that will make my cuts heal faster?

Don't use hydrocortisone cream on cuts, it will make them heal more slowly. See if you can get comfrey ointment, thats good for cuts.

How do you make cuts and broken skin heal faster?

Keep them clean and dry.Deep cuts should be sutured or steristripped.Cover with a clean dressing.Once the skin has healed over, apply emu oil or vitamin e cream, 2x daily, to reduce scarring.

How to Make a Quick Disinfectant for Minor Cuts and Abrasions?

Minor accidents, abrasions and bruises will occur at the most inconvenient of times. It may be useful to know how you can help prevent infection if you don't have a medical disinfectant like rubbin... Read More »