How can i make avocado good to eat?

Answer Slash it a bit and then squeeze some lemon on it. Nicer than it sounds!

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How to Buy a Good Avocado?

Avocados can be prepared in meals and eaten or used for health and beauty purposes. While there are several different varieties of avocados, Hass avocados are the most common, because they make up ... Read More »

Is avocado good for you or bad for you?

As a food you can't do much better. No plant food has cholesterol and the fat is extremely healthy, one of the healthiest in fact. And omega oils are good . There is such a thing as too much inform... Read More »

How to know it's a "good" avocado?

Now is a good time to buy avacado's; your local grocery should start stocking more of them now. Avacado's should be slightly firm with some give. If they are hard, they are not ripe yet but can sit... Read More »

Is avocado good for those who are diagnosed with diabetes?

It's okay to eat it, but try to limit how much you consume in a single meal. ------------------------------