How can i make a flatbed scanner run without using a computer?

Answer okay, this depends on the scanner and on your abilities with electrical wiring and circuitry. if it is a scanner that has an automatic scan button when you press this button it will automatically t... Read More »

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What size image can be scanned using a flatbed scanner?

Basic personal flatbed scanners will allow you to scan an image up to a legal size paper, 8.5" x 14". Smaller documents, such as pictures or stationery, can also be scanned using the grid provided ... Read More »

How can I print old glass negatives on a flatbed scanner I've tried using backing paper and it didn't work.?

Have you tried different colors behind it? Maybe blue or green. The problem is, the light is reflecting before it gets to the negative. Try black, too, just in case.

Is there any other way to transfrer photos to your computer without using a scanner.?

lol they have to be on the computer to email them to yourself#1 when you have photos made have the shop put them on a cd may cost a dollor or 2 more#2if it is a digital cam you need to get the soft... Read More »

What is a flatbed scanner?

A flatbed scanner is a device with optical imaging equipment under a pane of glass. The imaging equipment takes a picture of an item you place on the glass--such as a document or photo--and saves t... Read More »