How can i lose weight in my face?

Answer Target weight loss is possible. To lose weight off your face you just need to "workout" your face. I suggest making very big facial expressions every morning when you wake up. Just try to make your... Read More »

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How do u lose weight around your face =)?

Just exercise to be honest, not only my body but my face has toned down since I joined a gym and started exercising. Sauna's and Steam rooms are also good.

Will my face also slim down if i lose weight?

On One Hand: Results VaryIn the matter of weight problems, fat is stored throughout the body and overweight people are easy to identify. When losing weight, fat will be reduced from all over the bo... Read More »

How to Lose Weight & Keep a Healthy Looking Face?

The benefits of weight loss far outweigh any negatives. However, as you lose weight one of the things you may notice about your face is that the skin sags and droops where it used to be puffed up b... Read More »

When you lose weight, do you notice a difference in your face as well?

Yes,you will, my sister was 111 pounds,at 5"5,and even though she only went to 97 pounds, I still noticed a change in her face, legs, arms, stomach, everything!