How can i lose belly fat fast?

Answer trust me go to youtube and type in 8 minute absits works in about a month you sont have abs if you do it for 3 weeks fat willjust go awayno more soda

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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast Possible in 4 Weeks?

Sure, it's possible. I just had a similar question. Here's what I found out: Like the other guys here says: Quit ALL the junk food, all the beer, all the soda... Eat regularily and eat no more than... Read More »

I need to lose weight fast. How much will I lose if I have one of my legs amputated?

How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Abs?

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How to Lose Belly Fat?

There are a lot of annoying gimmicks about how to get rid of belly fat. While there's no "magic bullet" that will target abdominal fat in particular, this article will explain what causes an expand... Read More »