How can i lose 20 kgs with in 2 months. i want a detailed answer please.?

Answer Let's start by clarifying a couple of things:1. weight is not the best indicator of your health (because muscle weighs more than fat, two people of the same height can weigh the same and be drastic... Read More »

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Can i lose 50 lbs in 5 months doing this5 stars best answer!?

Yep if you are really determined. I've currently lost 63 pounds in less than 6 months so yes it's possible. I want to get down to 235 by the fall of this year but I'm 6ft 3in. Congrats on your deci... Read More »

What do i do if there is a powercut the most detailed answer gets 10 points!?

Get some wind up torches, lanterns, some also have radio and some candles, a calor gas heater, your gas will still work, so you can cook, camping (gas stove if all electric.

I need some help from those who know a lot about speakers and can give a detailed answer about the risks?

Why do so many yabbos think that mixing car and home audio gear is a good idea ? It's SO not. Car gear usually has very different impedances, and that difference can kill the amp in home gear. Car ... Read More »

Somewhat detailed and difficult question, if you can understand please answer.?

You have got hypertension as evidenced by isolated systolic hypertension. Isolated systolic hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure that is above 140 mm Hg with a diastolic pressure that is ... Read More »