How can i loose fat without loosing muscle?

Answer Keep it simple.. Jus keep lifting heavy weights... Keep the protein high.. Take whey protein before an after workouts an also take casein protein before bed..Dont over due cardio..

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How can I loose all my arm fat with out building muscle I just want my arm skinny again !?

You can't TARGET areas of the body you want to lose fat. Unlike muscle, which works directly based on what part of the body is using it, fat is simply energy storage for the entire body. Based on g... Read More »

Should I eat or drink supplements if I want to loose weight and gain muscle. ?

There are actually supplements that can help you gain muscles and at the same time burn fats. Supplements like Musashi ISO8 can both help facilitate muscle growth and fat burning.Of course, you nee... Read More »

Is it safe and realistic to loose 3lbs a week, I'm overweight and need to loose 56lbs?

yup you can do that, good lucktry this6 steps to transform your body1. CONTROLyour portions.Don’t eat until you are full,eat until you’re not hungry.6 STEPS2. QUESTIONeverything you eat.Fresh v... Read More »

Who do you go to for help with a young boy in Indiana with a muscle weakness and needs a muscle biopsy?