How can i loose 5lbs in 3,4 days!?

Answer drink half you body weight in oz of water each day ex: u weigh 100lb drink 50 ozworkout like crazy dont drink any soda or juice cut way back on carbs (bread rice pasta)stretch pretty much to do tha... Read More »

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Loose cast replaced, 3 days later it's loose again ?

if it's that loose it's not offering the required support to enable the bones to knit together and heal - it needs replacing - you're not dehydrated are you??

Why is my splint so loose after only 4 days?

A loose splint is not doing its job, so it is a potential problem in getting this to heal properly without new injury. Unfortunately it is common for splints or casts to become too loose in the fir... Read More »

How much weight would i loose if i didnt eat for 2-3 whole days?

I think my bottom retainer is loose and I can't call my ortho for 3 days, anything I can do?

Be very gentle with your retainer until you can go in. Try not to play with it with your tongue and eat soft foods. If you have a full lower retainer, plastic or metal, wear it until you see your ... Read More »