How can i launch my own website and how much money will i have to spend for this?

Answer There are free domains out there but if you want to have your own, try to search for hosting plans that is suitable for you. As for the website itself, if you have knowledge how to build one, your ... Read More »

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How can this karaoke system be improved without having to spend too much money?

I think you're right about the dynamics being a problem. I don't agree thought that it's the jack cable connections. 1/4" jack works perfectly well in all the karaoke systems I have installed. Here... Read More »

How much can I get from a student loan and can I spend this money on transportation to school?

Hi.I am Love Presley from Birmingham 204 blue ridge villa drive and i saw your question about needing a loan, In the internet they are a lot of scams out there. I decided to answer your question to... Read More »

$$$how much money have u spend on ur treatments to get pregnant$$$?

$12,500 for IVF.$2,000 in health products$5,000 in fertility meds for other treatment.Insurance has paid for doctor visits, chromosome testing, lab and sonograms. But that would have easily had bee... Read More »

Why does NASA spend to much money they have?

nasa is all about aeronautics and spacevery mysterious indeed.