How can i keep my cuts from becoming scars?

Answer Cocoa butter and vitamin e lotion. Works pretty well

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How to get rid of Scars and Cuts Left by Acne?

When it comes to large, problem acne, even when left alone, pimples can leave scars and cuts. Proper acne treatment involves more than just treating and preventing zits, it also involves healing th... Read More »

How to Remove Scars From Glass Cuts?

Whether your scar caused by glass is new or old, there are certain treatments that can help minimize the appearance of depressions, lines, spots, and nicks in your skin. Some treatments are natural... Read More »

How to hide Self Harm scars/Cuts?

Wear a wristband or two. Or wrap up one arm with an ace bandage and say you pulled a muscle in your arm or something. Have a big watch? wear it. Or bring a light jacket or sweatshirt and drape it... Read More »

How to makr scars/cuts heal faster,PLEASE help!!?

Plenty of Vitamin C it aids wounds and healing and builds up the immune system so oranges and blueberries and rosehip, hope this helps