How can i increase ram speed without adding ram?

Answer Contrary to the answer William F gave, adding RAM WILL speed up your computer. However, you may want to increase your virtual memory. Go to control panel, system properties. Click advanced then per... Read More »

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Does adding more memory increase the processor speed in a PC?

Adding memory to a computer does not increase its processor speed. However, because the computer needs memory to store frequently accessed information while programs are running, adding memory can ... Read More »

Is there any way to increase the speed of my computer without having to upgrade it?

perform these steps to get the most out of what you have...install and run 'cc cleaner' (you can schedule it to run on startup)install and run 'defraggler' (you can schedule it to run once a week)f... Read More »

If I increase RAM from 1GB to 2 GB, it will increase speed for mylaptop or no ?

If you increase you system RAM from 1GB to 2GB, it will increase the speed of your laptop. It does this by making available more RAM for your operating system to function within. It will also speed... Read More »

Does adding moth balls to gas increase milage?

Adding mothballs to the gas tank of an automobile will increase the octane rating of the gasoline that is currently in the vehicle. Higher octane ratings of gasoline result in more miles per gallon... Read More »