How can i increase my immunity?

Answer If you are getting sick on a regular basis, or are getting sick and finding it hard to recover than it is good to take a little bit of quiet time...about 30 min. to just breathe and ask yourself wh... Read More »

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What is natural immunity?

Natural immunity is how your body responds to a pathogen. It is the bodies natural way of dealing with illness. The first line of defense are barriers like the skin and the hairs in your respirator... Read More »

How long does the immunity to the flu last?

Once you have had the flu or the vaccination, you will have lifetime immunity to the EXACT same type of flu. But since the flu virus can mutate very quickly into a new form of virus, if the one you... Read More »

What Are Humoral Immunity Antibodies?

One of the wonders of the immune response system manifests itself in the form of humoral immunity antibodies. Aptly named, the humoral immunity involves substances in the bodily fluids, or humors. ... Read More »

How to Strengthen Toddlers Immunity?

An average toddler may suffer from 8 to 10 colds per year, but experiencing illness helps the immune system to develop in young children. You will not be able to prevent a toddler from ever getting... Read More »