How can i help my mum and what would you do?

Answer I think she should change doctors.HOPE I HELPED, AND GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING! :D :)

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What was the US policy that said you would help any country in need of military or monetary help?

Enlisted people go to boot camp, and will initially do the majority of the "grunt work" on a ship (ie, sweeping, scubbing toilets, swabbing decks, etc). Once that enlisted person advances a few ran... Read More »

If the late night talk show host are trying to deceive and cover up blogable in 1 week what would be their goal would Alissa Milano help is her get off good for herself when 128 333 42 Hans Klok no?

her schoolinn and the stride to never fail without trying

Which of these tops would be ok for a young woman or would a bag on 3 page be better please help?

I think the black bag with the flower is the most elegant for a young woman.

Ok so I lost 30 lbs in 2.5 months I would like to gain it back ASAP . HELP , HELP!?

Soda pop will fatten you up pretty fast, & is a lot cheaper than what you suggest. You could be obese in just a few months with as little as a 32 oz drink per day.